Thursday, April 19, 2007

Welcome to Itsura Manga

Mabuhay and welcome to Itsura Manga! Where it looks like manga, but you know it's Pinoy!

Itsura Manga features amazing Pinoy artists who have taken the Japanese manga/anime style and have made it their own.
We bring you the best and put them in one place. Please learn from, and be inspired by, our featured Pinoy artists.

The interviews are written first, followed by samples of the artist's works.

If you have pertinent questions or remarks for the artists, feel free to post them as comments.

If you know an artist you think should be featured on Itsura Manga, leave a comment on this post with the artist's name and any other info about him/her.

Thank you!


andrael said...

Ruben de Vela

Anonymous said...

Nick Jordan Beja

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Marco said...

I hope you feature Aileen O's smashing ink drawings. Reminds me of early/classic pen-and-ink manga illustrations from way back>

Anonymous said...

If you think her art skill is good enough then why don't you feature this artist.

Nicolo Hinlo said...

Paulo Antonio Aguasin


Sora said...

I would recommend these artists:

He is an incredible Filipino artist and is one of the most popular DA artists. His ability to turn the most popular cartoons into his own personal manga style is amazing.

She has a cute anime style and uses bright colors and shiny effects to achieve both the pretty and unique look. She has also contributed to Mangaholix's Sampaguita Daydreams.

An amatuer artist who has great potential in becoming a great manga artist. She combined the styles of anime and Tim Burton to create her own unique style.

Anonymous said...

dexaler7 said...

I have a friend who has great potential as a manga artist, his name is Nilbert Capara or Kitz. This is his facebook:
I hope someone would be interested in helping him or training him.

cygnus said...

I have an awesome friend who loves to draw. Her art is very unique and stunning~ She does any kind of art; realism, cg and etc. She can also do sculpting now ^^ Some of her works have been featured by "daily Deviation" in dA, proofs of her awesomeness :3 and also.. she's young XD She's only 17 but is already this great~ please check her gallery in dA:

and her artblog:

Anonymous said...

This fantastic four - more on traditionals, specialize in watercoloring. and do great also in digitals - young digital artist, imba OTL - Digital too - and a pervert..jk

Anonymous said...

i got an amateur artist here, she uses traditional medium and soon she will try the digital one. she has a cute moe/realistic kind of art. this is her account in dA.

CJ Topacio said...

Hi! I'm CJ Topacio from ABSCBN. Just wondering if you know any young manga artists (max of 12yrs old) that we can feature on our program? If ever, please do email me at: Thank you very much! :)

Anonymous said...

Talented Artists that for me are worth the view that I would like to nominate are the following

A 15 year old artist who draws Trad works using watercolors who dreams of becoming a mangaka one day
FB page w/siblings

A 17 year old artist who draws using Trad color pencils and digital Sai

A digital artist that also uses SAi

And Trad and digi artists who are not that active but uses both mediums

Hope you can feature them thank you~~

Anonymous said...

Jerry Jimenez

his manga already in manga sites!

Got an Artist?

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