Thursday, January 29, 2009


Tell me a little bit about yourself. Where did you go to school, and what extra-curricular activities did you take up? What helped prepare you to become the artist that you are today?

Hey there! My name is Eric aka Sachsen, born 27th of February, 1985. I took up Fine Arts: Advertising Arts at Aquinas University of Legazpi. I spent about 1 year and a half there before dropping out. Don’t ask why :].

I started getting really serious in drawing the day I discovered Adobe Photoshop. I was never good at using traditional tools like pencils, paint and ink, so Photoshop’s like a godsend to me.

What inspired or convinced you to become an artist?

I guess artistic talent runs in my family, since my siblings and a couple of my cousins can draw too.

What is a typical day for you, and who are the people you work with?

Wake up around 8 in the morning, eat, poop, etc, then go to the office (usually late). Sign out at 6 pm, then either I go straight home or hang around at some mall.

What are some of the things that you have worked on?

I’ve helped animate a few cartoon shows back when I was still a flash animator, like Eliot Kid (Disney Channel), Ricky Sprocket (Nickolodeon) and Martha Speaks. Right now, I just pose characters for a new toon series called I. N. K. (Invisible Network of Kids)

How do you go about an illustration, what goes through your mind, from start to end?

Think of a concept then draw away! Most of my art gets scrapped this way though.

Could you talk about your process in coloring your art (if at all), as well as the types of tools or media that you use?

I draw everything digitally using a tablet and Adobe Photoshop.

What are some of the things that you do to keep yourself creative?

Check out other people’s art, read lots of books, play videogames…listening to music helps too.

What is your most favorite subject to draw, and why?

Contrasting themes like horror and gore mixed with cute stuff. A childhood spent watching Ghibli animations and the Hellraiser movies really screwed me up, hehe

Who are the top illustrators whose works excite you the most?

Two very talented (and crazy!) peeps, Mariel “Kinuko” Cartwright and Paul Robertson. Check out some of their work at and you’ll know why : D Also some hardcore artists I’ve met in like Asagiri, Tagane, Kikai/Akita Morgue and HUKE.

What are some of the neat things you have learned from other artists that you have worked with or seen?

Well, there’s this one dude from DA who posted a really useful technique on his journal. Basically you flip your drawings to spot mistakes. You guys should try it out and see for yourself.

What are some of your favorite websites that you go to?

My main source of inspiration, It’s sorta like Deviantart, only Pixiv’s a gazillion times better and bull****-free.

What wisdom could you give us, about being an artist? Do you have any tips you could give?

If you want to improve, make tons and tons (and TONS!) of drawings ‘til your hands fall off. Pretty soon you’ll be drawing like the pros! OR if you don’t have the patience to do that, you can sell your soul to the Devil for instant uber art skillz. E-mail me if you want his number!

If people would like to contact you, how would you like to be contacted?

You can note me at my deviantart account (sachsen[dot]deviantart[dot]com) or email me at my old email add at i_3at_ch1ldren[a]yahoo[dot]com. I rarely go online now, so it may take a while for me to reply back.

Do you have any of your art work for sale (comics, prints, or anything)? If so, for fans of your work can know where and when to buy it?

I have some prints for sale on DA. I also do commissions when I have the time.

If any movie monster started to appear on the face of the earth, which one would you challenge and why?

Pinhead and Pyramidhead, though I’d rather ask for their autograph or something…maybe hang out with ‘em and pick up girls. I heard Pyramid head Is great with the ladies :D

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