Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jennyson Rosero

Tell me a little bit about yourself, about your life? Where did you go to school, and what classes did you study? What helped prepare you to become the artist that you are today?

Hey there! I would say my life was quite normal, as a boy, I loved watching animation and playing with toys. For college, I took up Architecture and after 2 years, I found my place as a student of Advertising Arts at UST. Hmm... preparation, I never got into drawing until my early years in high school. As a kid, sure, I scribbled a lot but I never thought I'd be doing this for a living.

What inspired or convinced you to become an Artist?
Comics and animation.

What is a typical day for you, and who are the people you work with?

Typical day... I wake up at around 9am, get ready, if I have time, check some emails, then go to the studio with my housemates Chester, Zid, Budi and Skan. Arrive in the studio 5 minutes later then have breakfast at a nearby Roti Prata place. I work with all the people at IFS.

What are some of the things that you have worked on?

A lot actually. I did some thumbnails for Witchblade, Caliber, did a cover for Batman Gotham Knight DVD (but sadly, I guess through some confusion, they didn't use my cover), some card art for UFS, Chaotic, J2, Exalted and now I'm doing Freedom Formula Issue #2, after Chester.

How do you go about illustration, what goes through your mind, from start to end?

Just do it. At the end of the day, I have a page ready... usually.

Could you talk about your process in coloring your art (if at all), as well as the types of tools or media that you use?

I rarely color my stuff nowadays since I'm doing pencils to ink for FF. I use Photoshop. 

What are some of the things that you do to keep yourself creative?
Look at hot chicks. Serious.

What is your most favorite subject to draw, And why?
The female form. It's just perfection for me. 

Who are the top illustrators whose works excite you the most?
A lot of Japanese and Korean artists and the people I work with everyday who inspire me to do better.

What are some of the neat things you have learned from other artists that you have worked with or seen?

Neat things... that creating art is a gift and always give it your best. Cliche, but it works.

What are some of your favorite websites that you go to? Others... if I tell you, I'd have to hunt you down... refer to question number 7 for clues.

What wisdom could you give us, about being an Artist? Do you have any tips you could give?

Been saying this forever but practice makes perfect.

If people would like to contact you, how would you like to be contacted?

Uhm, I guess through DA, just drop me a message and I usually answer there. (

Finally, do you have any of your art work for sale (sketchbook, prints, or anything) for fans of your work can know where and when to buy it?

Sadly, no. Maybe in the future when everything clears up.


Thanks, bro! Anytime!

What are your top three favorite DVD movie/animation titles?

Favorite DVDs: Godfather, Star Wars (Eps 4-5), Fifth Element.

Got an Artist?

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