Friday, June 8, 2007

Cristina Chua

Tell me a little bit about yourself. Where did you go to school, and what extra-curricular activities did you take up? What helped prepare you to become the artist that you are today?

Hello, my name is Cristina Rose Chua, I go by the name oso-oso after my cute stuffed polar bear :D. I started drawing for ever since I remember (although I DO remember they were horrible fleshed out stick figures) Sailormoon and shoujo anime that was popular then, and copying those text cards that were sold 1 peso per pack (extremely hi-tech).

I never really went to formal drawing training, a few summer workshops and that’s that. Most of what I learned is usually through reading books, experience and constantly drawing. I spent my younger years at Hope Christian High School and is currently studying in College of Saint Benilde as a Multimedia artist (which is not as easy as it sounds :D ). School helps somewhat in art but most of what you would be able to do come from your own experience. I don’t appreciate the constrictiveness of schooling all that much.

What inspired or convinced you to become an artist?

I don’t know, I just enjoy art and drawing!

What is a typical day for you, and who are the people you work with?

I still go to school so usually, I start working after I come home from school, after I finish my (*sigh*) schoolwork and whatever home related work, I start coloring :D. I usually divide the time until the deadline to find out how much time I have. It’s really tiring to do all those things, I often end up complaining while I work! But afterwards, I feel most happy at a great finished project! It energizes me to see my toil and trouble finished. It’s a labor of love-hate with varying proportions of love and hate.

What are some of the things that you have worked on?

Ahh! I’m just starting out. I’m currently working for Groundbreakers inc. as a colorist for Aporia (issue 1-2), Kraust (issue 1) and other odd jobs.

How do you go about an illustration, what goes through your mind, from start to end?

In terms of my coloring job, I think about what is happening and how can I emphasize what is happening with shadows, light and color. All else, I just usually draw what I like! Depending on my mood, my drawing style changes, when I’m feeling pretty silly, I like drawing old-style shoujou manga art like Berubara!

Could you talk about your process in coloring your art (if at all), as well as the types of tools or media that you use?

I usually use opencanvas ( for coloring and Photoshop for layout and tweaking, I also use a wacom tablet. Offline, when I have a break and lots of time for myself, I enjoy using watercolor and acrylic paints.

What are some of the things that you do to keep yourself creative?

I enjoy looking at works by my favorite artists and painters and I also read lots of books and manga. I enjoy all kinds of art and try to keep an open mind about it. Often times though when I am in an art slump, I just try to get over it by not doing anything, drinking tea and playing (romancing saga). :D

What is your most favorite subject to draw, and why?

I enjoy drawing pretty guys and girls as well as animals like foxes and foofies yes, yes, animals. Foofy birds are the best!

Who are the top illustrators whose works excite you the most?

Tatsuro Kiuchi (
Tracy Butler (
Range Murata

I greatly admire Ogure Ito’s manga art as well. Haha I also admire our very own Lynsley Brito and Kevin Libranda very much.

What are some of the neat things you have learned from other artists that you have worked with or seen?

I learned super sekret art techniques. I also learned to respect different kinds of art.

What are some of your favorite websites that you go to?

Drawn (, an illustration blog Deviantart Pennyarcade (, an online gaming comic Art Renewal Center (, a good painters resource.

What wisdom could you give us, about being an artist? Do you have any tips you could give?

It’s really hard to be an artist. Strive hard. Don’t follow popular trends for the sake of being popular. Animals are important. Stop global warming.

If people would like to contact you, how would you like to be contacted?

You can email me at a_hard_riddle[at]yahoo[dot]com or just leave a message via ym :D

Do you have any of your art work for sale (comics, prints, or anything)? If so, for fans of your work can know where and when to buy it?

Ahh not yet but if I, hypothetically have fans, I am content. ;D

If you were to become a multi-millionaire mangaka, what sort of merchandise would you want to own (merchandise of your own hit comic that is)?

It would be an article of clothing from the comic :D like undies the characters wears. In truth, I greatly admire Bill Watterson’s move not to merchandise his strip, Calvin and Hobbes. When I think about it, it really makes sense. But whose to say what the future holds?

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