Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mike Inel

Tell me a little bit about yourself. Where did you go to school, and what extra-curricular activities did you take up? What helped prepare you to become the artist that you are today?

I'm just an ordinary artist. I went to ordinary schools and never had any subjects/courses that supported my art-related skills. (In fact, during my school days, people often found me weird for drawing too much, heheh)

What inspired or convinced you to become an artist?

Inspiration from published media, support from my brothers/sisters, and my colleagues helped me become who I am right now.

What is a typical day for you, and who are the people you work with?

Nothing out of the ordinary. I often spend my time stuck in a room with a computer. (I personally like it that way, mind you)

What are some of the things that you have worked on?

I give my coloring services to the studio I work to: Altiz-studio.
One notable project we had was designing the characters for the show Kung-Fu Jimmy Chow and And we did some assets for the browser-based MMORPG ShadowTale.

How do you go about an illustration, what goes through your mind, from start to end?

There are many possible thoughts that can run through my mind everytime I work on a personal art/project: "I want to finish this piece while the mood is still present" or "I want this piece to surprise the people with its unusual approach" or "Scribble scribble scribble..."

Could you talk about your process in coloring your art (if at all), as well as the types of tools or media that you use?

I use Photoshop in 99% of my artworks. I prefer using as many layers as I can. That way, I have full control of the colors when I want to edit them.

What are some of the things that you do to keep yourself creative?

I have no idea. I rarely force myself to get inspired. Though, I noticed that creative ideas sometimes come to my mind every time I'm doing a daily routine activity. (Like taking a bath, riding a jeepney/train, washing the dishes, before sleeping, etc)

What is your most favorite subject to draw, and why?

Anything that will surprise people, perhaps, even me. Something that's hard for them to expect. These are often seen from stories/events with twisted plots.

Who are the top illustrators whose works excite you the most?

I can't be certain with this question. It's hard to tell since most (of the) artists change (their style) as time flies.
I used to idolize Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa for their works in ZOE2 and MGS2, but they somehow changed their genre nowadays, and they're focused on the MGS series now.
I also used to adore Squaresoft for their fantastic games. Unfortunately, I noticed that SquareEnix is aiming for better sales more than better art content now.

What are some of the neat things you have learned from other artists that you have worked with or seen?

Management is tricky work, especially when considering artists as the main employees.

What are some of your favorite websites that you go to?

3DTotal, CGSociety, GameTrailers, and DeviantArt. There are many other sites that I go to, mostly news about 3d, games, and animes.

What wisdom could you give us, about being an artist? Do you have any tips you could give?

If you're aiming for public success, "Content over Quality" is one thing that you wanna try to consider.
Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to make your work terrific, if the content fails to catch the audience's interest, then the possibility of the work getting popular is low.
With this in mind, it's your choice to whether go for one of these two actions: "Sell-out" or "Be yourself"

If people would like to contact you, how would you like to be contacted?

E-mail I suppose. (mike_inel[at]yahoo[dot]com) You can also note me in DA, but please don't expect a quick reply. (http://mikeinel[dot]deviantart[dot]com)
(Don't PM me via Youtube, you'll hardly get a reply from me there for various reasons.)

Do you have any of your art work for sale (comics, prints, or anything)? If so, for fans of your work can know where and when to buy it?

I don't have a lot of products that are on sale right now, sorry. But I'm planning to make some soon.

If you were given a chance to direct a remake of a TV series (whether animated or live action)which series would it be?

Not really remakes of anime, but there are many medias that I fantasize to direct into my own version:
An additional episode of the dreaded Endless-Eight of 'Melancholy of Haruhi' (with alternate events), 'Katawa-Shoujo' anime, 'Threads of Fate' sequel, another 'Zone of the Enders' game, 'Chaos Legion' sequel, 'Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni' game with a 'Heavy Rain'-type of gameplay, 'Day of the Tentacles' remake, a new world of 'Rockman' (Maybe 'Rockman Y'?), yada yada yada insert more geek talks here etc etc etc.

But if I'll choose just one, I'll go with 'Family Guy VS South Park Epic Showdown: Round 2'


Anonymous said...

Kuya Mike!! idol kita :D

Anonymous said...

Mike is great, I followed things he's done on DA for a while.

I'm a photographer, but if I cold draw, I'd like to do his kind of stuff :)


melancholicdreamer said...

yay for kuya Mike. idol na idol ko sya simula nung napanuod ko yung Cherish nyang animation *u*

more power to you!

Pudding-Yogurt said...

your art is the best they look like 3D people in anime which almost look like they can come to reallife.

Laiju Odathekal said...

I wish I could draw like you >W<!!! i love the vivid colors you use in your animation. i haven't taken art classes at my school ether xD if only I had friends that were good animators to teach ,eh like your friends did owo ps.. meow o.o

Anonymous said...

I love artists like Mike Inel that can put so much into a short animation or so much content in a single picture.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Mikeinel is such a desperate-ass who uses this http://thebot.net/threads/release-deviantart-views-booster.60431/

as an excuse to boost bigger pageviews in his Deviantart. This is my only evidence on how his art and animations going front page as always in DeviantArt Main Page. His Pageviews are nothing but a cheat using any of his Bot programs... and people believing Mikeinel is the most Popular artist in the world of DA, YouTube and some of his porn Tumblr... he's nothing but a Fake Hack for bigger pageviews.

Sorry to say this, but no proof is needed but this one. There you have it.

Anonymous said...

Another Patreon bullcrap who wants to milk everyones money to Mikeinel/Manyakis..

I rather wait not wasting any of a single dollar for his patreon page for previews... his preview page for animations are just for attention and wasting every piece of a single penny from his fooled patreon fans. Your patreon names mean nothing but names... for his laziness and good for nothing credits.

I should have stop watching any of his gravity falls animation for everyones huge attention bullshit.

Mike is nothing but a botter for bigger pageviews, even at deviantart hot page.

That Monty Oum private mail he has on Deviantart Journal are nothing but LIES. How can everyone expect Mike's Fan mail from Monty without his proven "screenshot" to his fans. then Mike's Journal proven about private fan mail to be a FAKE.

If you read this, then youre smart enough to realize his own lies on everyone.

Anonymous said...


how come he became top #10 at Deviantart?

Greedier for Bigger pageviews? Desparate making Fan-animations? Pageview Bots?

tsk tsk tsk... i hope he choke himself with amounts of pageviews he has... what a fail...

Anonymous said...

mrchainz = Mikeinel in disguise for white-knighting himself against people who disagrees with him.

Don't ever hide yourself behind your back-up dummy account Mike. And we already know you're very angry to show yourself in true colors.

(and how the fuck his real name based on a famous football player which is random name of his? lol)

Kinda sad Mikeinel definitely LIED. Monty Oum never did wrote him a fan-letter and pretending Monty Oum did wrote him one.

Anonymous said...

Lets see if Cartoon Network handing Mikeinel a C.O.D. or suing his ass for making earn Patreon-Money for ripping parts of the actual popular-cartoon into his own Attention-whoring Fan-Anime bullshit.

When one tries to compete Mikeinel who stand out as most popular person of the whole internet. Mike doesn't allow himself to lose. He wants to remain the best out of others. He never post any of his work to become a loser he is. He wants a cumm-load of big-pageviews that put on his throat.

Lets see if he can ignore these kind of messages (like his motto ignore the hate works on Mikeinel himself)

If he shows his true colors...

Anonymous said...

Lesson Learned... Never Trust Mike Inel that you payed him Patreon Money for his own profit.

How come he distribute his youtube and tumblr videos for free while charging his patreon fans to pay him money?

This is fucking dumb move for him.

mrchainz said...

Timesmanify, I'm rather surprised that you're even here in this comment section, despite your anonymous name, you're writing mannerism is quite noticeable. I guess you're really mad being told off with that whole DeviantArt comment page situation.

By the way, I can say that I'm most certainly not Mike Inel and all your allegations are mere assumptions with no evidence to prove it. But I guess calling it an "assumption" is taking it lightly, it's more ludicrous, actually. (If you want to know who I really am, I suggest you try going to my DA page and checking the internet web archive for any changes in it)

And it's pretty obvious that you've been spamming this whole comment section acting as if it's different people or like it's your own blog (You could've at least posted on different days/name or changed your writing mannerism but I guess you're being desperate now or could've just started a new blog showcasing how you hate Mike Inel and finally confessing your desperation in being noticed). People are not as dumb as you.

Also, "Mikeinel in disguise for white-knighting himself against people who disagrees with him." <<<< How can you disagree with him if he hasn't even discussed anything with you? I can see that despite your somewhat uncaring reply that you were actually very offended with the TRUTH I said that your only means of coping with those facts is identifying me as the person you hate. Also, here's another identity that you might not have noticed.

I'm also the guy who provided you a legal opinion in that comment section a few days ago.

I just couldn't help but prove how incompetent you really are when it comes to things. Thinking like you have such a great idea but end up looking like a fool in the end. It's just so very amusing. Don't bother deleting it by the way, I properly archived it just in case you deny your own stupidity.

Also, I'm somewhat glad that you also found a program that can finally help you promote your shitty scribbles.

Love ~mrchainz

Here I am again to rain on your one-man parade.

Anonymous said...

Wow, mrchainz the way u overreacted and posting such big messages is evident as well as I see your 11k mikeinel pageviews... that means you admiting you are Mikeinel... although denying that youre not him at all, hiding.

I don't know who Timesmanify was as I saw his messages... You really are wrong.

Don't worry, Im not the only one as well as few others who dislike his kind of popular bullshit. Also u mrchainz is way too much evident of belittling Timesmanify like that.

You said: "It's a pitiful attempt really but undeserving of anyone's pity. Regardless, you know deep down that you've lost. Because you're all alone. But yeah, I'll be ignoring you as well now. Keep "YELLING IN AN ECHO CHAMBER"

I read that words before long long ago... as the same similar statement as Mikeinel does like "talking to a wall"

In case you already didn't know that, You (Mikeinel probably) already ruined others spotlight by stealing others' idea... far most biggest problem in the game of "My work is better than your work"

Truly, you never did accept as a loser, for what others already posted with those kind of messages.

And I thank Timesmanify that i wasn't the only one who dislike his/your stuff...the way Mikeinel is already the most POPULAR than others and yes that is the whole bigger picture as anyone expects him/you to be.

I rest my case..

Anonymous said...

and mrchainz, Richard Crawford the popular "football player" isnt your real name either or after all you took a random name of his to make your own secret dummy account only to indirectly complain other enemies against Mikeinel.

so you have 3 accounts: Mikeinel, Manyakis, and mrchainz

Since Timewap(who I gain respect of him) firstly comment on your Mikeinel deviantart section, you began to probably think to create excusable words about "he's busy" or "Not Talking To you" thing. And how come you the only person "Alone" to butt-in and complain Timewap like that?

And it is indeed a dick move posting your words on comparing between person whenever Mikeinel's the best artist than Time's scribbles (mrchainz, hello?! your gallery is totally empty and yet you talk shitty to others about ART) You one of Mikeinel supporters are so judgemental and hypocritical to poor others hating Mike.

I can't stand either you guys at L3Moon-Studios Crystal animation childlishy saying "seeking help" the same thing over. That one mrchainz says so too.

So I wont worry about you archiving, those are probably the same thing as MIKEINEL's pinecest tumblr hate messages and posting a supporting thank you crap.

And I may be a hater, but I'm no fool as you mrchainz... or mikeinel.

Anonymous said...

After reading this... i think i know why Mike's pageviews really gone high than the average deviant users.

1. He's a programmer, he use by all means to hack pageviews higher using programs he found on other sites to make his deviations skyrocketing every submission he posts.

2. He can animate fan-animation... but not very-well creative on ideas so it's getting worse he has to take advantage by stealing original ideas of others.

3. He has no choice but to post popular-themed shows idea fan-work in order to become more popular for the whole damn day.

He may have bigger pageviews and popularity, but This is really blinding for his fans... he doesn't deserve to be popular at all.

Whenever i read angry letters at Mikeinel, I think he really deserves it. His fake-popularity using his talents the wrong way are the whole reasons he wanted to ruin other artist's day and those began to having grudge at him.

Anonymous said...

Now we know that Mikeinel become more of a pageview-bot-cheater on Deviantart... that's how he become popular than other artists there.

I'm stating the whole truth about him.. he had no right to cheat with his sheer numbers that large. What is happening to Deviantart these days? People already moved on to tumblr. And i didn't knew Deviantart's ratings began to cap lower to some other artists except Mikeinel, 10k pageviews? what in the actual fuck did that happen? Is Mikeinel really THAT desperate posting popular shows and keep front page all by himself??

im out! I'll stop posting my art and gain shitty pageviews in Deviantart like anyone care... Mikeinel, FUCK YOU!

Anonymous said...

If that is fair... How do you explain Crowd-funding is allowed for creating a project fan-videos containing copyrighted audio from a copyrighted-cartoon?

Mikeinel already earned money from his fans, using a copyrighted audio for his popular fan-videos... Gravity Falls, Gumball etc.

This is so wrong...

Anonymous said...

Mikeinel.com offical artworks abuser of bigger pageviews.

Anonymous said...

Mikeinel way too hungry for attention drawing popular cartoons like Gravity Falls.. its quite obvious why he's seen too much on the top spot.

Too mainstream? I think Mike's secretly way too desperate to win against artists he hate and cheat-coded his page views to be popular.

And i don't believe his lies anymore, Mikeinel made up his own life story as a poor bloke that made his fans pity for him. I already know a friend said to me that Monty Oum Never Did wrote a fan letter for Mike

Never ever watch Mikeinel more like a cheater artist.

Anonymous said...

It's official: Deviantart is broken, and Mikeinel is still top popular among the list... by cheating, each submission of his active works.

He can get front-paged, using his some pageview-bot program that he cannot ever say till his grave, and if the fans knows it... he is screwed.

I'm sorry Mikeinel-Fans, its rather disappointing while Mikeinel cheats to make himself popular than any other artists there. He can gain a hundred comments and a 2k faves a day than your 5 below comments and a 100 less faves. Deviantart admins already capped our ratings and Mikeinel can bypass its pageviews to get away from it.

Think of the other artists strive so hard to make great works. And Mikeinel ruins everything.

My total disrespect for Mikeinel...

News said...


Pageview-hacker Mikeinel draws trending cartoon-fans to make him popular more than anyone else. Nothing more than a phony, which makes his huge-popularity more like a joke.

He can HAX-pageviews as he wants... there he blew it.

Doski said...



RoosterTeeth said...

Mike Inel: Knows how to animate and create games, but knows how to bot cheat ratings and pageviews. Both deviantart and youtube.

Stop supporting him. Monty Oum never did pm him a fan-letter.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Mikeinel has shown his true colors...

He spam angry messages using his alternate deviantart accounts to spam the hater.

Mikeinel's more alt accounts attacking a hater

Ladies and gentleman, this is the True habit of Mikeinel when he is hugely popular because he made fan-anime gumball animations and gumball porn, he doesn't want to show his angry side of his main account and spam messages with an alt to attack the hater.

He did draw popular cartoons for gaining more attention, and more fans. You can't stop other children to avert their eyes on Mikeinel's art until they found the porn he made.

I'm very sorry Mikeinel fans, as I'm very disgusted for what he is now... #FUCKMIKEINEL #FUCKMANYAKIS

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